NBCI Makes Understanding Medicare Easy!

We want you to easily understand Medicare.   When you call us, we will explain key information to you in simple, easy to understand terms and assist you in finding the right Medicare plan for you.

Need Answers Now?

To better familiarize yourself with Medicare, and for answers to commonly asked questions, we highly recommend reviewing the publications below from NAHU and Medicare.gov.

Recommended Reading

Download Medicare & You (PDF, 120+ Pages)
The official Medicare handbook, updated annually, provides a detailed breakdown of Medicare and provides a list of resources.

Download A Quick Look at Medicare (PDF, 4 Pages)
A short overview of the different parts of Medicare and how they work together.

Download Your Medicare Benefits (PDF, 120 Pages)
This lengthy publication lists many, but not all, of the items and services covered by Original Medicare.

Download Who Pays First (PDF, 36 Pages)
This detailed guide explains how Medicare works with other types of coverage, including active employee group health plans, COBRA, and Medicaid.

Download Medicare Costs (PDF, 4 Pages)
A brief summary of standard deductibles, premiums, and co-pay amounts for Medicare Parts A, B, and D.

Download Social Security Administration Medicare Guide (PDF, 28 Pages)
This booklet provides basic information about what Medicare is, who is covered, and options for Medicare coverage.

Download Social Security Annual Update (PDF, 2 Pages)
Information about Social Security taxes, benefits, and costs for the current year.

Download What is Medigap? (PDF, 1 Page)
Overview of how Medigap plans work with Medicare.

DownloadTraditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage (PDF, 1 Page)
Side-by-side comparison of Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Download Medicare and Drug Coverage (PDF, 1 Page)
Overview of which drugs are covered by which part of Medicare.

Medicare Tools

Download Apply Online for Medicare (PDF, 8 Pages)
Instructions for applying online for Medicare if you are not collecting Social Security.

DownloadApply Online for Medicare Only (PDF, 2 Pages)
Step-by-step instructions with graphics for applying online for Medicare only.


Download How to Create Your Medicare.gov Account  (PDF, 24 Pages)
How to create your account on Medicare.gov. 

Download How to Add Drugs & Pharmacies to Your Medicare.gov Account  
(PDF, 6 Pages) How to create a drug list and add your pharmacies to your Medicare.gov account.